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Tree Root and Crown Pruning

As Storm Brendan passed through the nursery preparations for the season ahead continued inside our humidity controlled storage unit. Trees were having their crown and roots pruned in readiness for spring planting. The root pruning reduces the larger tap roots and encourages the development of a fibrous root system which will help the successful establishment of the tree when it is transplanted to its final home in the future. Pruning and reducing the crown lessens the stress on the tree when it is planted on our nursery, but more importantly it allows us to control the shape of the head of the tree to develop a crown that is well formed and suitable for Irish conditions. Once all the pruning is done the trees are stored in our humidity controlled shed until it is time for planting in April. The trees are prepped for planting (we use Symbio Bacterial Simulator on the roots) and loaded onto our planting trailers before being carefully transplanted into the freshly cultivated fields. In the following weeks the young trees …

Mature Tree Planting

Mature Tree Planting

This is the kind of project you love being involved with – a magnificent 12 mtr high 65/70cm girth Quercus cerris (Turkey Oak) leaving the nursery to be planted in its new home at the Cuan Mhuire Treatment Centre in Bruree, Co Limerick. This tree has been growing in the nursery for 28 years and during that time it has been transplanted 6 times. This continuous transplanting will have enhanced the development of a fibrous root system within the final rootball which is key to the survival and establishment of the tree when it is planted in its new home. Quercus cerris is a fast growing and long lived species which has great autumn colour. The leaves turn to yellow before leaf drop which doesn’t happen until deep into the winter. It is an ideal specimen or parkland tree and will be very happy in its new location. The planting works were carried out by Peter O’Brien & Sons Landscaping Ltd who did a fantastic job as always.

Exporting Trees

Exporting Trees to the UK

Exporting trees to the UK has always been an important focus for us as you can see from a recent delivery to Majestic Trees who are one of our most important customers in the UK. Betula Albosenensis Fascination multistems 600/700, Fagus sylvatica Atropurpurea 40/45 and Sorbus ulleungensis Dodong multistems 150 were just some of our trees on the load. Majestic Trees are one of the best tree growers in the UK and use the airpot system to great effect. We have been dealing with Majestic Trees for the past 10 years and are proud to call them a good customer. When exporting trees to the UK and Majestic Trees we are always happy our trees will find good homes.

Specimen Trees

Specimen Tree for Historic Hotel Grounds Redevelopment

Nangle and Niesen Ltd were recently contracted to supply a magnificent specimen Quercus robur tree as part of the upgrade works to the grounds of the historic Lake Hotel in Killarney which was established in 1820. The tree, which has a girth of 60-70cm and is 10 mtr + in height, had been growing in our nursery in Aherla, Co Cork for almost 30 years. During that time it had been transplanted 5 times resulting in a rootball containing all of those vital fibrous roots which will ensure successful establishment in its new home. The years of careful husbandry with an emphasis on operations such as transplanting/undercutting, caning, tying, tree shelters, detailed head branch pruning and training of leaders all contribute to ensure a healthy tree. This ensures a vigorous well balanced crown with a dominant leader and attractive form. To further ensure the trees successful establishment we incorporated Osmocote Preplant 17-9-10 + 2Mgo + TE and Symbio MycoForce Transplanter into the planting pit which contain mycorrhizae, beneficial soil microbes, minerals, trace elements and humates. …

Transplanting Trees

Transplanting Trees

Transplanting trees is a key operation in the continued development of our stock here at the nursery.  Even though our main focus at this time of year is lifting and dispatching trees, this ongoing care and maintenance of our trees within the nursery still goes on. Here we are transplanting trees, in this case semi mature Aesculus hippocastanum, following structural pruning. We incorporate Enrich Progrow soil mix, Mycorrhizal fungi and Osmocote Pro slow release fertilizer into the planting pit for maximum growth and development. At all stages of production we pay particular attention to enhancing the development of a fibrous root system. This is key to the survival and establishment of the tree when it is planted in its new home. Putting an emphasis on operations such as transplanting trees/undercutting, caning, tying, use of tree shelters, detailed head branch pruning and training of leaders all contribute to ensure a healthy tree. This will ensure a vigorous well balanced crown with a dominant leader and attractive form. We grow our trees for Irish conditions.

Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning in the Nursery

This series of images shows an example of tree pruning in the nursery. Acer platanoides Emerald Queen 30-35cm girth trees receiving structural pruning in preparation for an urban street planting scheme. This tree pruning will help to give the Acers every chance of successfully establishing in their new home. It will also improve overall crown development. We use Lac Balsam tree wound treatment which creates a waterproof elastic seal preventing infection and helping the tree to heal quickly. It is all part of the ongoing care and attention we give to our trees before they get to our clients.

Nursery Open Day

Nursery Open Days 2018

We held a series of open days here at the nursery in Aherla, Co Cork during September which proved very successful. Attendees were drawn from both the public and private sectors with local authorities, landscape architects, garden designers and landscape contractors all well represented.   Ronan Nangle led the nursery tours with visits to the fields to see the amenity and ornamental stock, our multistems and newer plantations, and the mature specimens. Practical demonstrations included the process of lifting and rootballing trees, lifting of bareroot trees with an examination of the vitally important fibrous root systems and correct tree care techniques. Discussions centered on the importance of correct nursery practices like transplanting, effective pruning and overall crown development. A key driver of debate was the importance of correctly specifying trees and the merits of Irish grown trees for Irish conditions over European imports. Lunch each day was centered around the barbecue with venison burgers from our own deer stock with organic salad from nearby Robinsons organic farm, Toons Bridge mozzarella and local Mealagulla orchard apple …

Nangle and Niesen are Heading to Bloom

Nangle and Niesen are heading to Bloom, these Fagus sylvatica Atropurpurea cones at 400cm high will form an entrance corridor to the floral pavilion. Our trees can also be seen at the Fruit Choice Matters Garden designed by Kevin Dennis, the DLR Fernhill garden “An Exercise in Sustainability” and the Kildare Gallery Garden “Sculpture in the Park “out by the entrance. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Prunus x yedoensis

Spring Arrives in the Nursery

Spring finally arrived at the end of April with a profusion of new growth and colour. The magnolias and cherry trees started to blossom in earnest and new leaf growth was evident in all of the fields.

Plant Health and Biosecurity

Plant Health and Biosecurity

On Thursday February 1st I was invited to attend a conference on plant health and biosecurity at Highgrove House in Gloucester in the UK. The conference was organised in conjunction with The Royal Horticultural Society, Woodland Heritage, The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and The National Trust. It was hosted by Alan Titchmarsh and the conference was addressed by Lord Gardiner (the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Rural Affairs and Biosecurity), Professor Dr Nicola Spence (Chief Plant Health Officer to the UK Government), the Secretary of State for DEFRA Michael Gove and His Royal Highness Prince Charles. It brought together all sectors (both Private and Public) within the Arboriculture, Agriculture, Forestry and Horticulture Industries and the assembled company covered the owners and managers of many of Europe’s leading nurseries, UK importers, leading garden and landscape designers, foresters, contractors and other representatives from the industry. The conference initially dealt with the threat we face in the area of plant health and biosecurity (particularly from Xylella fastidiosa) and then moved on to how we might address these …