Hedging is an important component of any garden providing strength and structure while also providing for screen planting. At Nangle & Niesen we help you to make an informed decision for your hedging based on soil type, aspect, height, availability and design requirements.


Buxus sempervirens (Box)

Whether you are seeking an evergreen hedge for screen planting or the seasonal interest of a deciduous hedge we can offer everything from bare root transplants to 2M+ root-balled or container grown instant hedging. We grow and supply for private and commercial customers across Ireland and the UK and are happy to offer practical advice to ensure you choose the right hedging plants for your screen planting requirements.

Popular mature hedging plants supplied include Prunus lusitanica (Portuguese Laurel), Buxus sempervirens (Box), Fagus sylvatica (Beech), Ilex aquifolium (Holly), Caprinus betula (Hornbeam), x Cupressocyparis leylandii and Photinia Red Robin.


Fagus sylvatica (Beech) Hedging Elements 2m+

The benefits of instant or mature hedges include;

  • Structure – an evergreen backbone ideal as a foil for other planting.
  • Instant mature hedge providing soft screening and privacy.
  • Security – native mixed hedges provide a dense and natural barrier to potential intruders.
  • Wildlife corridors – provides important habitats for native bird species and insects.
  • Seasonal variations in colour and growth provide all year round interest.
  • Wind and noise barrier.
  • Softens new build houses and gives immediate character and warmth.

Evergreen Hedging Plants (Rootballed) Ready to Leave the Nursery

Popular hedging plants include;

Buxus – Box

  • Evergreen FoliageHedging
  • Slow to medium growth
  • Sizes from 15cm – 1.5m+

Ideal for hedges up to 1.5m in height, box is a classic evergreen plant for formal hedging in most situations

Prunus lusitanica – Portuguese Laurel

  • Dark evergreen foliageHedging
  • Medium to fast growing
  • Sizes from 15cm – 2.5m+

Dark evergreen foliage against maroon stems. Ideal for screening, wind breaks and noise reduction. Very hardy.

Prunus laurocerasus – Cherry Laurel

  • Large evergreen foliageHedging
  • Medium to fast growing
  • Sizes from 15cm – 3m+

A classic tough evergreen suited to almost all situations, fast growing and makes a great screen and sound barrier.

Taxus – Yew

  • Evergreen foliageHedging
  • Slow to medium growth
  • Sizes from 15cm – 3m+

The king of hedges, yew provides a dense screen of dark foliage which is perfect for formal hedging.

Photinia – Christmas Berry

  • Bright red young foliageHedging
  • Average growing
  • Sizes from 30cm – 1.5m+

Evergreen foliage which is striking red most of the year. Suited to most positions including exposed sites.


  • Evergreen foliageHedging
  • Medium growth
  • Sizes from 30cm – 20cm+

Lush apple green foliage which lends itself to privacy screening. Especially good in coastal areas.

Ilex – Holly

  • Evergreen foliageHedging
  • Slow growing
  • Sizes from 20cm – 2m+

Spikey evergreen foliage, some varieties have coloured margins. Good year round interest and an effective intruder proof hedge.

Cupressocyparis – Leylandii

  • Evergreen gold or greenHedging
  • Very fast growing
  • Sizes from 30cm – 2.5+

Perfect for quick impact and screening. Leylandii is available with gold or green foliage and makes a tough, cost effective hedge.

Pyracantha – Firethorn

  • Evergreen foliageHedging
  • Medium to fast growing
  • Sizes from 30cm – 1.8m+

Spikey evergreen plant with berries in red, orange or yellow. White flowers and a dense habit its is intruder proof and provides a good screen.

Thuja – Western Red Cedar

  • Bright green evergreenHedging
  • Medium to fast growing
  • Sizes from 20cm – 3.5m+

A popular conifer hedge it is a very effective screen, windbreak and noise barrier. It is less vigorous than leylandii and easier to care for.

Fagus – Beech

  • Purple or green foliageHedging
  • Medium to fast growing
  • Sizes from 30cm – 2m+

Popular for formal hedges, purple or green beech offers year round interest and is suited to exposed inland and coastal sites

Carpinus – Hornbeam

  • Deciduous foliageHedging
  • Medium growing
  • Sizes from 30cm – 2m+

A classic wildlife friendly hedging plant that offers year round interest and is well suited to most sites including damp ground, shade and exposure.

Crataegus – Hawthorn

  • Deciduous foliageHedging
  • Fast growing
  • Sizes from 20cm – 2m+

Native thorny hedging with flowers and red haws. Ideal for a wildlife friendly, intruder proof hedge.

Please feel free to contact us at any stage to discuss your requirements. We are happy to have the opportunity to showcase our stock and welcome visits to the nursery by appointment.