Magnolia Trees

Magnolia trees are beautiful additions to every garden with their amazing goblet or star-shaped flowers which are affirmed highlights of spring and summer. At Nangle and Niesen we grow an extensive range of Magnolia trees for you to choose from.

Magnolia Trees

Magnolia denudata Yellow River in the Nursery

Magnolia trees have some of the the largest flowers of all the flowering trees and present a stunning spectacle with their picturesque branches wreathed in upright goblets of pink purple or white. The flowers of magnolia trees give an exotic almost tropical feel to gardens in our cooler climate more familiar with flowering trees like cherries with their relatively small flowers.

There are two main types of magnolia tree – those that lose their leaves in winter, flower in early spring and grow well in cooler areas, and those that are evergreen, flower all summer and grow best in places without severe winter cold.

Features of Magnolia Trees

  • Spectacular flowers in spring or summer
  • Rich glossy green foliage in the evergreen varieties
  • Wonderful specimen or screening tree
  • Wide range of colours and sizes for every garden
  • Easily grown and long lived in our climate

Our range includes summer flowering species such as Magnolia sieboldii with its exceptionally beautiful anemone like pure white flowers and red stamens and the evergreen Magnolia grandiflora with its huge cream coloured flowers and glossy dark green leaves.

Magnolias thrive best in full sun or light shade, sheltered from winds. They prefer humus and nutrient rich, evenly moist and mainly open well drained soils which should be acid to neutral.

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