Mature Trees

The range and quality of our mature trees is testament to a history of growing stretching back over 40 years.


Mature Trees

Fagus sylvatica Dawyck Gold Supplied to Islanmore Stud

Our Mature Trees

Great examples of our mature trees include the beautiful dark red peeling bark of the Betula albosinensis “Fascination” (Chinese Red Birch). Other notable specimens include the vigorous weeping habit of the Fagus sylvatica “Pendula” (Weeping Beech)  and the stately Metasequoia glyptostroboides (Dawn Redwood).

Mature Trees

Metasequoia glybtostroboides in the Nursery

Trees which make a visit to the nursery worthwhile include Quercus dentate Carl Ferris Miller with its huge leaf and the multi-stemmed Amelanchiers. Others include the lilac flowering Paulowina tomentosa Hulsdonk, the multi-stemmed Prunus accolade and the fantastic autumn color of the Acer rubrum October Glory and Brandywine.

We have also planted native multi-stems such as Corylus avellana, Acer campestre, Betula pendula, Viburnum opulus and Holly to name a few

Our Clients

Our mature trees have been supplied to clients gardens all over Ireland. These include local authorities like Dun Laoghaire & Rathdown County Council, golf clubs such as Mt Juliet and The K Club, and private clients like Coolmore Stud Farm. Our recent appointment as Irish tree supplier to the Adare Manor Resort and Golf Course redevelopment is a further recognition of the range and quality of our stock.

Some of Our Mature Trees in the Nursery and with Our Clients



We ensure our mature trees are grown and nurtured to the highest horticultural standards. A key component of this process is regular transplanting and/or undercutting. These processes curtail the lateral extension of the root system and force out a mass of fibrous roots close to the base of the stem ensuring their inclusion within the root ball.   The number of times a mature tree has been transplanted (lifting and replanting usually at increased spacing) and undercut (pruning back the roots underground while in situ) during cultivation has a huge influence on the trees ability to survive when it is planting into your garden or property.