Native Irish Trees

There is no one true definitive list of native Irish trees and shrubs available. Species such as sycamore, horse chestnut, beech and lime, to mention but a few are not considered native Irish trees but have spread vigorously throughout our woodlands.

Native Trees

Quercus robur M/S in the Nursery

Below are examples of species commonly identified as native Irish trees which we grow here at Nangle and Niesen.

Alnus glutinosa (Common alder)

Betula pendula (Birch)

Corylus (Hazel)

Ilex aquifolium (Holly)

Pinus sylvestris (Scots Pine)

Prunus avium (Wild Cherry)

Quercus robur (Pedunculate Oak)

Quercus petraea (Sessile Oak)

Sorbus (Mountain Ash)

Taxus baccata (Yew)

Feel free to contact us to with any queries you may have and we’re always happy to talk about our trees and offer advice. Nursery visits are welcome by appointment.