Semi Mature Trees

At Nangle & Niesen we have one of the most extensive ranges of semi mature trees in Ireland from light standards at 6-8cm girth to extra heavy standards at 18-20cm girth. Our stock of semi mature trees extends from the beautiful autumn colour of the Acer cappadocicum “Rubrum” (Blood Maple) through to the classic street tree Tilia x europaea Pallida (Emperor’s Lime). With over 150 species in total we can offer standard trees for every purpose and site condition.

Semi Mature Trees

Betula costata

Our semi mature trees are priced and sold according to the girth which is the circumference of the stem measured one meter from ground level. This is a much more accurate indicator of maturity than height which can vary enormously between species.

Some of Our Semi Mature Trees in the Nursery


Semi mature trees are defined as “trees with a substantially upright stem, clean of lateral growths, supporting a well branched crown. The crown may have a central leader or a branched head, and branching appropriate for species or cultivar, with no main branches crossing in the crown.

A ‘standard’ form tree has a single straight trunk clear of lower branches for at least the first 1.8m (6ft). If you desire your tree to be of ‘standard’ form once mature, it is crucial that you verify that the specimen you are purchasing either already has a clear 1.8 meter straight trunk, or, if buying a very young tree, that the specimen has a straight central stem running from root to tip with no bends or forks. In the latter case you will need to carry out formative pruning as the tree grows to ensure the trunk continues to grow in a straight manner and produces a balanced framework of branches as the crown develops.

Half-standard (HS)

A ‘half-standard’ tree is a tree a single straight main trunk cleared of lower branches for the first 1.2 – 1.5m, often grown for a small garden bed or container.

Quarter-standard (QS)

A ‘quarter-standard’ tree is a tree with a single trunk cleared of lower branches for the first 1 meter (or less), usually grown for a decorative pot on a patio bed or raised planter.

Please feel free to contact us at any stage to discuss your requirements. We are happy to have the opportunity to showcase our stock and welcome visits to the nursery by appointment.