Tilia tomentosa petiolaris

Tilia tomentosa petiolaris (Weeping Silver Lime) is perhaps the most graceful of all large, weeping trees.

Tilia tomentosa Petiolaris

Tilia tomentosa Petiolaris in the Nursery

As its common name suggests, Tilia tomentosa petiolaris has large leaves which are Silver on the underside, producing a flowing display of shimmery foliage that is extremely effective on breezy days. The flowers are richly scented but narcotic to bees, giving this tree its aphid resistant benefit. The autumn colour is classic for a Lime tree; a vivid display of yellows that appears fairly early in autumn.

This tree is fast growing and reaches a considerable height as a mature tree, circa 20m. This cultivation has a domed shape crown and although weeping, generally looks more open and rounded in habit than other species that are classified as weeping in shape.

Tilia tomentosa Petiolaris is a significant specimen at maturity so it is important to plant this tree with space to fulfill its true capabilities, it is therefore best suited to parkland and very large gardens.

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