Enrich Screened Topsoil & Pro-Grow

Nangle and Niesen Ltd supply Enrich Screened Topsoil which is a blend of soil and Enrich Compost. The Enrich Compost provides a slow release fertiliser which provides nutrients to the soil over time This eliminates the need to buy manure or compost to add to the soil prior to planting. This peat free organic mixture has been finely screened to remove large stones and lumps creating a consistent particle size topsoil. It is rich in essential nutrients and organic matter.
It is ideally suited for all landscape applications.

Key benefits of using Enrich Screened Top Soil

  • It is rich in organic nutrients.

  • Dry and easy to work.

  • Increases active organic matter which is essential for soil health.

  • Increases root development in plants.

  • Screened to remove stones and lumps.

Enrich Screened Topsoil Specifications

  • Consistent High Quality.

  • Premixed with Enrich Compost.

  • 100% natural product.

  • Available all year round.

  • Produced to BS 3882 quality standard.

Delivery Options

  • Cubic metre bags (1m3)

Topsoil Coverage

1m3 of Enrich Screened Topsoil will service an area of 6.66 m2 when spread to a depth of 150mm (6 inches).

Guideline Application Rate

Add to required depth. Rake to finish. Avoid over compaction. Allow 15% above finished level for natural settlement.

Enrich Pro-Grow

Pro-Grow is a premium quality topsoil alternative. It is produced by combining a blend of soil, Enrich Compost and grit to create a crumbly easy to use product, dark brown in colour, and rich in essential nutrients. It has excellent drainage properties and is easy to dig and spread. This peat free organic mixture has been finely screened to remove any clumps.It is ideally suited for for use in raised beds, planters, new lawn areas where drainage is important as well as within permeable paving systems.

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