Trees for Autumn Colour

Our stock of trees displaying autumn colour put on a theatrical display that screams for attention as everything else in the garden starts to fade. From deep reds to brilliant yellows through to vibrant oranges providing instant hits or colour wherever you look.

Trees displaying Autumn Colour

Liquidamber styraciflua Worplesdon displaying its Autumn colour

We have selected here some trees displaying autumn colour from our nursery for you to choose from. Click on the links for more information.

Acer cappadocicum Aureum  (Golden Cappadocian Maple)Acer cappadocicum Aureum




Acer cappadocium Rubrum (Caucasian Maple)Acer cappadocicum Rubrum




Acer fremanii Autumn BlazeAcer freemanii Autumn Blaze  (Hybrid Red Maple)




Acer platanoides (Norway Maple)Acer platanoides Emerald Queen




Acer rubrum October Glory (Hybrid Red Maple)Acer rubrum October Glory




Acer saccharinum (Silver Maple)Acer saccharinum




Aesculus flava (Yellow flowering Chestnut)Aesculus hippocastanum Flava




Amelanchier (Snowey Mespilus)Amelanchier arborea Robin Hill




Betula species (Birch)Betula ermanii Holland




Castanea sativa (Sweet Chestnut)Castenea savita




Fagus sylvatica (Beech)Fagus sylvatica




Fagus orientalis (Beech)




Fraxinus excelsior Jaspidea (Golden Ash)Fraxinus excelsior Jaspidea




Liquidamber styraciflua (Sweetgum Tree)Liquidambar styraciflua Worplesdon




Liriodendron tulipifera (Tulip Tree)Liriodendron tulipifera




Metasequoia glybtostroboides (Dawn Redwood)Metasequoia glyptostroboides




Parrotia persica (Persian Ironwood)Parrotia persica




Pterocarya fraxinifolia (Caucasian Wingnut)Pterocarya fraxinifolia




Quercus palustris (Pin Oak)




Quercus rubra (American Red Oak)Quercus rubra




Sorbus aucuparia Commixta (Korean Mountain Ash)Sorbus aucuparia Commixta




Feel free to contact us to with any queries you may have and we’re always happy to talk about our trees and offer advice. Nursery visits are welcome by appointment.