Trees for Coastal Locations

Strong, often salt laden winds present a challenge when selecting trees for coastal locations. Trees that are grown in a coastal climate don’t tend to reach the same size as those inland and often have a windswept shape.

We have selected here some trees in our nursery in Cork for you to choose from. Click on the links for more information.

Acer campestre (Field Maple)Trees for Coastal Locations




Acer pseudoplatanus (Sycamore)Trees for Coastal Locations




Amelanchier lamarkiiAmelanchier (Snowey Mespilus)




Pinus nigra (Austrian Pine)Pinus nigra nigra




Pinus radiata (Monterey Pine)




Quercus cerris (Turkey Oak)Quercus cerris




Quercus ilex (Evergreen/Holm Oak)Quercus ilex




Quercus robur (Common Oak)Quercus robur




Quercus petraea (Sessile Oak)Quercus petraea




Ulmus (Elm)Ulmus hollandica




Feel free to contact us to with any queries you may have and we’re always happy to talk about our trees and offer advice. Nursery visits are welcome by appointment.