Quercus palustris  (Pin Oak or Swamp Spanish Oak) is a medium sized deciduous tree ideal for parklands, large gardens or avenues. Native to North America it was introduced to Europe in the early 1800s.

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Botanical Name:     Quercus palustris
Common Name:        Pin Oak/Swamp Oak
Height:             20-25 Meters
Crown:              Broad spherical later rounded
Bark:               Smooth grey bark, shallow grooves when mature, olive coloured twigs
Leaf:               Sharply serrated lobes, shiny on both sides, green
Flowers:            Gold coloured catkins in April/May
Fruits:             Flattened spherical acorns approx 1cm
Autumn Colour:      Dark red scarlet
Suitability:        Solitary specimen or street tree
Soil:               All types preferably nutritious and acid
Wind Resistance:    Good
Brief Description:  A medium sized reasonably fast growing deciduous tree reaching to
                    20-25 meters tall. The crown will spread across 8-14 meters. It has
                    a characteristic straight main trunk with horizontally growing
                    branches. The bark is grey and smooth developing shallow grooves 
                    when more mature. Shiny green leaves have between 2 and 4 sharply
                    serrated lobes turning a beautiful red to scarlet in autumn making
                    it a very popular ornamental tree.


The most notable feature of Quercus palustris is the unusual foliage which is deeply cut with pointed lobes. In the autumn it turns to fiery russets, reds and oranges