“Cornus officinallis Robin’s Pride is a small ornamental flowering tree or shrub with all year round interest. It usually grows as a large, spreading, multi-stemmed, deciduous shrub approx 15-25 feet tall but it may also be grown as a tree. It is very similar to Cornus mas except it grows with a slightly more open habit and flowers earlier. It produces hamamelis like, yellow flowers on bare stems in February and early March.
Robin’s Pride has an attractive deep red-brown, textured, flaking bark and often has brown hair tufts in the vein axils on the underside of the leaf. Leaves are ovate to elliptical and dark green in colour. Autumn colour ranges from pale yellow to attractive reddish-purple. It also produces attractive shiny red, oval fruits approx. 1.5cm in size in the autumn. This is a great tree or shrub for attracting bird life. Root growth is densely branched and shallow. It prefers calcareous soil and a sunny or partial shade location.”