“Euonymous europaea Red Cascade is a super tree which gives its best display from September onwards, when it produces an abundance of rosy red-pink fruits which open up to show bright orange seed cases. The contrast between these colours is really quite remarkable and when the foliage turns deep red in November this effect is exaggerated further. In the spring time the leaves emerge bright green and remain throughout the summer until they turn in the autumn.
Euonymous eurpaea Red Cascade is a tough clone which was selected by the University of Nebraska for the bright colour of the fruits it produces.
This small tree will perform well in most soil conditions, and is a particularly good choice for chalky soils, yet it is best to avoid planting in water logged conditions. This is a great choice where space is extremely limited and is one of the very best selections of Euonymous in a tree form. It is useful in small gardens and offers a wealth of interest during the autumn period.”