“Magnolia Liliflora Susan is a hardy bushy tree-form magnolia. It is deciduous with dark green leaves emerging in spring. Magnolia Susan is a showy Magnolia with sumptuous, goblet-shaped, very dark purple-red flowers produced in late spring / early summer and intermittently into autumn. This is a small magnolia reaching a max height of 3 meters and spread of 1 metre. It will thrive in either full sun or partial shade. Despite its delicate appearance it will survive sub-zero temperatures and flower the following spring.
It likes moist, well drained soils but will tolerate most conditions unless they are very chalky. To obtain the best flowers choose a sheltered and sunny spot. Gusty winds batter the sumptuous blooms and late frosts can damage buds so it’s best to keep this magnolia from frost pockets. It grows well in partially shady conditions too. Before planting Magnolia Susan put plenty of organic matter in the hole and cover the base with a thick layer of mulch each year. Water your magnolia tree regularly until it’s established.
Magnolia Susan is a slow grower and suitable for smaller gardens. You can also grow them in large deep containers if you are able to provide water and food on a regular basis. If you have very chalky soil containers are the best way to grow magnolias. There is usually no need to prune magnolia, particularly the Susan variety, as the erect compact habit keeps itself neat. If you need to cut back damaged or crossed branches do so in mid-summer.”