“This pretty cherry is most notable for its stunning golden orange, smoothly polished bark, which is as impressive in young trees as it is in mature ones. Like Prunus serrula Tibetica, the bark really is this trees crowning glory, with the offering of white flowers that are similar to Bird Cherry flowers, being more of a token gesture than a glorious display. The flowers appear early in spring, followed by small, deep green leaves which have a serrated edge to them. In autumn the foliage turns a clear yellow, which contrasts nicely with the golden orange bark.Prunus maackii Amber Beauty is a strong growing cherry tree and will tolerate a range of tougher environments including streets and paved areas. The crown is upright when the tree is young, broadening to a more rounded shape with age. Like all cherries, this tree prefers to be planted in free draining soils and does not enjoy having wet feet.”