As a result of our history and experience in growing large trees Nangle and Niesen have been appointed as Irish tree supplier for the tree planting at Adare Manor Resort and Golf Course. The site is the subject of a major redevelopment and refurbishment with the intention of providing a 5 star guest experience. The tree planting within the landscape setting is a key component of the works of which our mature trees  are playing a central role. 

Tree Planting at Adare Manor

Trees Planted

We are supplying over 700 of our mature trees as part of the tree planting works. From Acer campestre (Field Maple) multistems at 2 meters high to Fagus sylvatica (Beech) feathered and Betula albosinensis (Chinese Red Birch) at 4 meters high. The list continues right through to 12 meter high Quercus cerris (Turkey Oak) and Metasequoia glyptostroboides (Dawn Redwood).


Our large trees are grown and nurtured to the highest horticultural standards. A key component of this process is regular transplanting and/or undercutting. These processes curtail the lateral extension of the root system and force out a mass of fibrous roots close to the base of the stem ensuring their inclusion within the root ball.   The number of times our large trees have been transplanted (lifting and replanting usually at increased spacing) and undercut (pruning back the roots underground while in situ) during cultivation has a huge influence on the trees ability to survive when it is planting into your garden or property.

Mature Trees

Mature and Large Trees will have a minimum girth of main stem of 20cm measured one meter above the ground and a minimum overall height of 5 meters. Our mature trees are ideal when you want to achieve instant visual impact giving an established effect to any garden or landscape site.

Trees from Nangle & Niesen will give you a finished product with little or no maintenance or pruning required while also adding value to your property.

Please feel free to contact us at any stage to discuss your requirements. We are happy to have the opportunity to showcase our stock and welcome visits to the nursery by appointment.

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