Over the course of the past 40 years we have supplied trees for golf courses like Mount Juliet, Fota Island, West Waterford, The K Club and The Heritage to name a few. More recent times have also brought notable projects with the newly refurbished Adare Manor Hotel and Golf Resort chief among them .

Trees for Golf Courses

Fagus sylvatica Atropurpurea

“It has been very exiting and rewarding to be involved in one of the largest tree planting projects undertaken in Ireland over the past decade. I don’t think there has ever been as many home grown trees in excess of 60cm girth planted in any one project previously in Ireland. Every large specimen tree planted successfully established and grew. This 100% success rate was hugely satisfying and is something I am very proud of.”

Ronan Nangle Owner/Managing Director Nangle and Niesen Ltd

When growing trees for golf courses we have gained a reputation for quality. As we are located on fertile pasture land 600 ft above sea level our trees need to develop a good root structure. At all stages of production we pay particular attention to enhancing the development of this fibrous root system. This is key to the survival and successful establishment of the trees when they are planted out onto the course. Our trees take longer to get established and grow at a slower rate than on the continent. It can take us 4 or 5 years longer to produce a 20-25cm girth tree giving our mature trees a distinct advantage.

Trees for Golf Courses

Quercus robur

Putting an emphasis on operations such as transplanting/undercutting, caning, tying, tree shelters, detailed head branch pruning and training of leaders all contribute to ensure a healthy tree. These operations provide for a well balanced crown with a dominant leader and attractive form. We grow trees for Irish conditions.

We have consistently been accredited with a “Quality Award” in recognition of standards achieved under the Bord Bia Nursery Quality Programme.