A Passion for Growing
With roots that have grown deep in the Cork countryside Nangle & Niesen is a family run tree nursery and for almost half a century we have grown and supplied trees for the Irish and export markets.
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Tree Production and Soil Management
Soil management is key to growing healthy and strong trees that are suited to Irish conditions. From the spreading of basalt to our green manure treatments, healthy soil means healthy roots, and this in turn leads to healthy and strong trees.
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Tree Anchors and Supports
Shop online for our full range of tree anchors and supports. Your new trees deserve the best chance to thrive and grow with our range of above and below ground tree anchors and supports.
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Welcome to Nangle & Niesen Tree Nursery Cork


With roots that have grown deep in the Cork countryside, Nangle and Niesen are a family run specialist tree nursery, and for almost half a century we have grown and supplied trees for the Irish and European markets. Our dedication to growing trees of the highest quality has always been at the heart of everything we do. We bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to every stage of the growing process.

We have an extensive range of trees for sale, with many different varieties, forms and sizes. If you know what you are looking for feel free to search directly for it here:

Modern Tree Production and Management Practices

Every year we travel extensively seeking out new ways to make improvements at our tree nursery. Within Nangle and Niesen we are committed to ongoing developments in growing methods to produce the best trees we can for the ultimate benefit for our customers.

Allied to that we continue to work hard in building and growing our customer relationships making sure you will receive the best possible service.  Our nationwide distribution network allied to over 200 varieties of trees means we are ideally suited to service all types of projects.

We supply to the public, to landscape contractors, architects, designers, retails and wholesale nurseries, public bodies, estates and farms, golf courses, commercial developments and community led schemes.

Nangle and Niesen is your first choice for sourcing quality trees.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our trees and operate to the highest horticultural standards. We employ rigorous quality control systems throughout every stage of the growing process.

Best Topsoil, Compost and Bark Mulch for your Garden

At Nangle & Niesen we know good soil is key to healthy tree growth. And the same goes for anywhere in your garden whether you are starting a new ‘grow your own’ vegetable patch or just want your plants to grow at their very best.

Nangle & Niesen soil and bark products have been developed in line with our extensive experience and best practices and are the same products we use to grow our trees right here in our nursery.

Screened Top Soil

Nangle & Niesen screened top soil is of the very highest quality, nutrient rich and is available in tonne bags or bulk loads.


Nangle & Niesen compost is supplemented with key nutrients to boost healthy growth of a tree, plant or vegetable.

Bark Mulch

Nangle & Niesen bark mulch suppresses unwanted competition for soil nutrients. An environmentally friendly way to maintain good soil conditions.

Life in the Nursery

As the seasons change, so too does our Nursery.