Tree Production & Soil Management

Tree Production

At all stages of production we pay particular attention to enhancing the development of a fibrous root system for our trees. This is vital to the successful transplanting and future establishment of a tree, in its final home in the landscape.

The work required to achieve this starts before we plant out the young trees in our fields. Initially working within our humidity controlled sheds, the roots are pruned, removing the courser roots and reducing the larger tap roots. This encourages the development of the fibrous root system and will allow the tree to absorb water and minerals over a larger area, closer to the soil surface.

Following on from this the crown of every tree is pruned and reduced thereby lessening the stress on the tree when it is planted out into the fields.  Just as importantly, it allows us to control the shape of the head of the tree to develop a crown that is balanced, well-formed and suitable for Irish conditions.

Once we are ready for planting, the fields are freshly cultivated and we add a symbio mycorrhizal bacterial simulator to each root ball to further promote strong and healthy root growth. We also add organic fertiliser and Enrich Pro-Grow which is a mix of soil, compost and grit and is rich in essential nutrients


In the weeks following planting the young trees will be straightened, caned and tied to a support wire and will have their new leaders created, the first of many formative pruning. In subsequent years we continue pruning the developing crown of the tree, which further helps to control the size of the root structure.

When lifting trees for sale, we lift every second tree, which helps keep the remaining trees roots in a compact shape. After 5-7 years we transplant the trees that are left into wider spacing for the next 5-7 years. Again this process acts as a root pruning exercise and benefits the tree when it is sold and planted into its final location.

Putting an emphasis on operations such as transplanting/undercutting, caning, tying, use of tree shelters, detailed crown pruning and training of leaders all contribute to ensure a healthy tree. This will ensure a vigorous well balanced crown with a dominant leader and attractive form. We grow trees for Irish conditions.

Soil Management

We continually monitor and analyse the biological activity in our soil while also managing the pH levels, trace elements and minerals present. When fields are cleared for replanting, any old woody vegetation is removed and mulched off-site, thereby not expending any of the soils energy in breaking down the lignin’s present in cell walls which do not rot easily. Once any stumps have degraded they are also removed and the soil is treated with locally sourced well-rotted organic farm manure and quarried lime.

The next step is to spread fine basalt, sourced from Scotland, on the soil and seed with a mix containing eight different grass species, four clover species, chicory and plantain. The resulting green crop is mulched and ploughed, and finally the fields are power harrowed, subsoiled and planted. These operations significantly increase the humic content in the soil, resulting in more fibrous roots, increased overall growth rates and an ability to better withstand stress brought on by periods of drought.

Our History

Our Roots Go Deep

We have been dedicated to growing quality trees for Irish conditions since 1973

Nangle and Niesen Ltd has for many years been accredited with a ‘Quality Award’ in recognition of standards achieved under the Bord Bia Nursery Quality Programme.

We supply to the public, to landscape contractors, architects, designers, retail and wholesale nurseries, public bodies, estates and farms, golf courses, commercial developments and community led schemes.

Nangle & Niesen Ltd are as dedicated to excellence and service now, as we were in 1973.

Our People

The Nangle & Niesen Team

Our dedicated team of horticultural professionals bring years of experience and knowledge to the care and growth of our trees.