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You are now browsing our extensive Tree Catalogue.

To find the perfect tree for your project, you can search by location, function or use-case or if you know what you are looking for, dive right in and search by species. You will then see the sub-species or varieties of that particular species.

We stock many trees in a range of sizes and can supply as Bare Root or Root Ball depending on the size or time of year.

Currently our tree catalogue is available to browse online but to purchase a tree or enquire about trees for your particular project, please make your enquiry by calling our nursery on +353 21 733 1126

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Location, Function or Use Case

If your looking to plant a tree in a certain location, or you’d like it to fulfil a particular function, but maybe you’re not sure what tree is a perfect fit, then start here. We have grouped all our trees in a way that makes it easy for you to find the perfect tree for your particular needs.

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Tree Species ot Type

Perhaps you know what you are looking for and would like to find it quickly or even see the range of tree varieties we stock for a particular species. Here we have grouped our trees by species. Ideal for landscape architects, or professionals who are familiar with the range or trees available.