Our Nursery

We have been dedicated to growing quality trees since 1973

At our tree nursery in Aherla, we grow close to 30,000 trees, in more than 200 varieties, across 100 acres. At Nangle and Niesen we have particular expertise in growing and supplying semi-mature and mature trees. Our trees range in height up to 15m+ mature specimens which can be aged up to 40 years. But that doesn’t tell the whole story. It is the unusual pieces that make us different. All tree nurseries grow the staples, Beech, Oak, Maple and Birch to name a few and we like to think we do these very well also.

What Makes us different?

It is the more quirky pieces that catch the attention. The large leaf on the Quercus dentate Carl Ferris Miller, the multi-stemmed Amelanchier’s, the lilac flowering Paulownia tomentosa Hulsdonk, the multi-stemmed Prunus accolade and the fantastic autumn colour of the Acer rubrum October, Glory and Brandywine.

We have also planted native multi-stems such as Corylus avellana, Acer campestre, Betula pendula, Viburnum opulus and Holly to name a few. We feel it is these pieces that offer inspiration and allow for good design helping to bring people back again and again.

We are happy to offer skilled advice to both our private and commercial clients on all aspects of selection, planting and managing trees.

Every year we travel extensively seeking out new ways to make improvements at our tree nursery. Within Nangle and Niesen we are committed to ongoing developments in growing methods to produce the best trees we can for our customers. Allied to that we continue to work hard in building and growing our customer relationships making sure you will receive the best possible service.

Service is key to our business as we go forward and is something we are continually working on. We are solution focused and when developing relationships with our clients we always try to resolve any potential issues before they become a problem. We love nothing more than to have people to the nursery where we can talk about and display our trees.

In line with customer requests we have always looked to expand our product range. We now also supply a comprehensive range of conifers, hedging including large plants for instant effect, pleached trees, box headed trees, clipped topiary and specimen shrubs.

We have long established links with independent growers throughout the UK and Europe enabling us to supply a complete range of stock to our customers.

Our History

Our Roots Go Deep

We have been dedicated to growing quality trees for Irish conditions since 1973

Nangle and Niesen Ltd has for many years been accredited with a ‘Quality Award’ in recognition of standards achieved under the Bord Bia Nursery Quality Programme.

We supply to the public, to landscape contractors, architects, designers, retail and wholesale nurseries, public bodies, estates and farms, golf courses, commercial developments and community led schemes.

Nangle & Niesen Ltd are as dedicated to excellence and service now, as we were in 1973.

Our People

The Nangle & Niesen Team

Our dedicated team of horticultural professionals bring years of experience and knowledge to the care and growth of our trees.