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Our stock of trees displaying autumn colour put on a theatrical display that screams for attention as everything else in the garden starts to fade. From deep reds to brilliant yellows through to vibrant oranges providing instant hits or colour wherever you look.

At Nangle and Niesen we grow an extensive range of Maple Trees. The extraordinary variety of the Acer species and its cultivars cannot be matched for autumn Colour by any other tree genus.

Some wonderful examples include Acer campestre Elegant where the autumn foliage turns through a series of colours mainly oranges, yellows and browns before falling, and the young dark red leaves of Acer cappadocicum Rubrum which turn green and then back to red, gold and yellow in autumn. These superb autumn colours last for many weeks.

Maple trees have a range of growth habits from deciduous small shrubs to park and avenue trees. Features include colourful bark, ornamental fruit and varying leaves that turn splendid shades of fiery red in autumn especially among the North American and eastern Asian species. Most Maple trees are not demanding and take well to good nutritious soil.

Fagus sylvatica (Beech) has beautiful orangey leaves all year round, but these darken to a warm russet in autumn.

Liquidambar (Sweet Gum) is native to eastern United States and Mexico and is regarded as one of the best small trees for autumn colour. Relatively inconspicuous for the rest of the year, it’s maple-like leaves turn spectacular shades of orange and red in autumn, before falling. There are several cultivars to choose from – ‘Worplesdon’ is considered the hardiest.

Ginkgo biloba is an ancient tree native to China. Its unusual leaves turn a beautiful golden yellow when a warm autumn follows a warm summer. While it’s better suited to growing in a larger garden, it’s a great option for urban areas as it can withstand pollution well.

Feel free to browse through our stock, we are always happy to talk about our trees. Visits to the nursery are welcome by appointment and are a great way to experience our trees for yourself.



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