Trees for Summer Colour

The careful usage and selection of trees with different coloured foliage can add year-round interest and dramatic contrast from dark brooding purples to bright uplifting gold and smooth cool silvers.

With their beautiful deep red and bright yellow summer foliage, firm favourites are Acer platanoides Royal Red, Princeton Gold and Acer campestre Red Shine. These are quick growing, tolerant maples, which are great for summer screening and shade.

The variegated leaf of Acer platanoides Drummondii makes a wonderful contract in a mixed planting scheme. Another great choice is Sorbus aria Lutescens (Whitebeam) with its remarkable silvery leaves.

Fagus sylvatica Purple Fountain looks truly astonishing when its red/purple foliage emerges in the Spring turning purple/green and then bronze and gold in the Autumn. Another notable Beech variety is Fagus sylvatica Dawyck Gold which is a golden-leaved form of the Fastigiate Beech. A fairly large, columnar tree, which looks good from spring right through to autumn.

Many varieties of Japanese maple, Acer palmatum boast deep brownish-red to purple foliage in the spring, summer, and autumn, with large, dissected leaves spreading widely.

Feel free to browse through our stock, we are always happy to talk about our trees. Visits to the nursery are welcome by appointment and are a great way to experience our trees for yourself.


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