“Crataegus lavalleei ‘Carrierei’, also known as Cockspur thorn ‘Carrierei’, is a deciduous, tidy, multi-stem small tree. It has a dense broad crown and dark green glossy oval leaves and is ideal for small gardens showcasing its highly decorative looks.

Whilst thorny, these are less dense than other Hawthorn. It’s leaves turn red in late autumn and fall late making for ideal screening and/or a security barrier. It’s blossoms are clustered and white, 5-petaled, and with a red centre whilst it bears large, orange-red berries in the autumn – great for attracting wildlife.

Quite small even once fully mature, it will slowly grow to be 4 to 8 metres high and up to 8 metres wide.

This tough tree will thrive in most soil types and aspects including coastal sites. Prefers to be planted in moist but well drained soil and has access to sun or partial shade. Noted also for being pollution tolerant so ideal for city/urban planting.”