Prunus serrulata Fugenzo (‘Fugenzo’ Japanese Cherry)

“Prunus serrulata ‘Fugenzo’, also known as ‘Shirofugen’, is a classic, ornamental Japanese cherry tree. The flower is supposed to resemble the shape of an elephant – because the pistil looks like an elephant’s trunk and the loose and open flower petals look like the hanging ears and skin of an elephant!

It is a large deciduous tree with a vase-shaped crown. The slightly fragrant, white flower grows in clusters/racemes in late spring. The leaf is bronze-red in spring before turning a dark green in summer. In autumn, the leaves turn a delicate orange and red. With its abundant flower, it makes for a great pollinator.

Similar to other ornamental cherries, the tree thrives best in nutrient-rich, non-acidic, free draining ground. The soil types to grow in should ideally be damp and of a loam, coarse sand, loess, or lighter clay composition. It preferes a sheltered spot – strong winds may strip the tree of its blossom. Grow in full sun for the best flower and growth.

It will grow to a maximum height of 7 to 10 metres  with a spread of 5 to 6 metres – slow growing taking several years to reach full height.”

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