“Taxus baccata Dovastonii Aurea is an upright, slow-growing conifer with attractive, pale orange or ‘golden’, evergreen foliage with yellow flower and a broad weeping, light, open crown.

Like other Yew, it has a fairly narrow width and columnar shape, making it ideal to use as sentries outside front doors and along pathways or to punctuate a border. This striking conifer has a yellow flower that’s prominent in early Spring, set off against the smooth, reddish-brown bark.

It is easy to maintain and stray stems can be trimmed back to maintain the symmetrical appearance. The foliage is highly toxic so take care around animals.
It can reach a height and spread of 4 to 5 meters in 20 years, and will grow well in any situation, preferring non-acidic soil, and should flourish in dry or moist, well drained ground.”