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Create a natural screen for privacy or to shelter from a prevailing wind or other natural elements.

We grow trees for screening and privacy whether you want to conceal an unsightly view, create additional privacy in your garden, or screen off a section of your property. Trees for screening and privacy can be used in interesting ways in your garden or property. A fence may act as a boundary but if you have overlooking buildings or windows the fence alone may not offer you the screening you would like.

A stilted hedge uses trees that have been specifically produced with this purpose in mind. These trees will have a clear stem to reach up to fence panel height of around 1.8-2m and then a crown forming above this height. Generally, evergreens are preferred for this purpose and can be planted densely to achieve maximum effect from the offset. Laurus nobilis (Bay Laurel) is a great choice in this situation. Stilted screening using pleached or box head trees is another option and a great way to add interest to your garden, using trees to offer extra privacy without compromising on the design. Typically, pleached trees will have a 1.8-2m clear stem and a 2m x 2m flat panel on top to be used for aerial screening above a fence/wall.

Strategically placed evergreens can be a good way to use trees to screen unsightly views or block sightlines and can be positioned as desired to achieve the level of cover required. Quercus Ilex (Holm Oak), is a densely foliaged evergreen tree that gives very good coverage as it matures.

Hedging is also an important component of any screening choice in a garden bringing strength and structure to the design while also providing for privacy planting.

Feathered trees are another great option for screening if space is not a constraint. Trees which are considered feathered will usually have an upright central leading shoot and a stem furnished with evenly spaced and balanced lateral growths down to near ground level according to species.

Feel free to browse through our stock, we are always happy to talk about our trees. Visits to the nursery are welcome by appointment and are a great way to experience our trees for yourself.


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