“Crataegus laevigata Paul’s Scarlet (‘Paul’s Scarlet’ Hawthorn) is a small, rounded deciduous thorny tree or hedge with lobed, glossy leaves and fully double, pinkish-red late Spring flower.

Flowering arrives in May when almost all of the other spring flowering trees have finished their floral displays. The foliage is a classic Hawthorn shape, small and dark green, changing to red in the autumn time. The fruit also appear in the autumn and are red, very small and similar to the Common Hawthorn fruit.

This tough tree is a quite resilient and will perform well in most soils, including very dry and wet conditions. It can however be a little slow to root post transplanting and thus we recommend moderate pruning of the crown in the first few years post planting to ensure that good anchorage is achieved.
As a small to medium sized tree, this variety is a great choice for gardens which are exposed or coastal as it is one of the very few ornamental varieties which can withstand a little salt laden wind. This species should be a certain inclusion for any planting project which looks to extend the floral display well into the early summer.”