Quercus suber (Cork Oak)

“Quercus suber (Cork Oak) is s a medium to large sized, evergreen oak tree.  Very long lived,  it is the primary source of cork for wine bottle stoppers and other uses, such as cork flooring and as the cores of cricket balls.

The soft bark is greyish-brown and develops deep grooves after the fourth year. Once the bark has been harvested, the trunk is a fiery red colour. The tree itself has an irregular, more or less rounded, half-open crown. Its evergreen serrated leaves are oval to ovoid and glossy dark green. On the underside they are felt-like and greyish-white. The elongated ovoid acorns grow singly or in pairs and are 1.5 – 3 cm in size.

Quercus suber can flower practically the entire year, which means that the acorns are visible most of the year. The tree will grow to a maximum height of 6 to 15 metres depending on conditions. It will grow in any type of soil and can tolerate dry soil conditions.”


  • Quercus robur

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Root Treatment

Wire Root Ball (WRB), Bare Root (BR)

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Clear Stem (CS), Feathered (FD), Multi Stem (MS), Stem Bush (SB), Bush (B), Element (E), Half Standard (HS), Pleached (P)

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