Our Trees

At Nangle and Niesen we grow and maintain over 40,000 trees for sale across 200 varieties to private and commercial clients in Ireland and across Europe.


Fagus sylvatica Purple Fountain


Over the past 40 years we have gained and held a reputation for quality. As we are located 600 ft above sea level our trees need to develop a good root structure. Our trees take longer to get established and grow at a slower rate than on the continent. It can take us 4 or 5 years longer to produce a 20-25cm tree. Often similar sized European grown trees have less root structure and are younger than their Irish counterparts. As a result they can struggle and fade when planted here.

We are dedicated to supplying the highest quality trees possible. Our staff grow, care for and supply these trees with a wealth of knowledge and experience allowing us to meet the demands of any project, large or small.


Acer campestre Red Shine


At all stages of production we pay particular attention to enhancing the development of a fibrous root system. This is key to the survival and establishment of the tree in the landscape.

Putting an emphasis on operations such as transplanting/undercutting, caning, tying, tree shelters, detailed head branch pruning and training of leaders all contribute to ensure a healthy tree. This will ensure a vigorous well balanced crown with a dominant leader and attractive form. We grow trees for Irish conditions.


Acer platanoides Globosum


As you will see we grow an extensive range of trees in a wide range of sizes. In particular we do big trees well. But that doesn’t tell the whole story. It is the unusual pieces the specimens that make us different. All tree nurseries grow the staples, Beech, Oak, Maple and Birch to name a few and we like to think we do these very well also.

But it is the quirky pieces that catch the attention. The huge leaf on the Quercus dentate Carl Ferris Miller, the multi-stemmed Amelanchiers, the lilac flowering Paulowina tomentosa Hulsdonk, the multi-stemmed Prunus accolade and the fantastic autumn color of the Acer rubrum October Glory and Brandywine.

We have also planted native multi-stems such as Corylus avellana, Acer campestre, Betula pendula, Viburnum opulus and Holly to name a few. We feel it is these pieces that offer inspiration and allow for good design helping to bring people back again and again.


Fagus sylvatica Purpurea fth


Service is key to our business as we go forward and is something we are continually working on. We are solution focused and when trying to develop relationships with our clients we always try to resolve any potential issues before they become a problem. We love nothing more than to have people to the nursery where we can talk about and display our trees.

Within our operations we have particular expertise in growing and supplying semi-mature, mature and multi-stem trees. Our trees range in height from 15m+ mature specimens, aging up to 35 years down to 2m bare-roots.

In line with customer requests we have expanded our product range.  We now also supply a comprehensive range of conifers, hedging including large plants for instant effect, pleached trees, box headed trees, clipped topiary and specimen shrubs.

We have long established links with independent growers throughout the UK and Europe enabling us to supply a complete range of stock to our customers.

Our trees have been showcased at Bloom most recently in 2016 when we played an important part in the construction of the silver gilt winning “Well Centered” show garden design by Hugh Ryan with the inner circle being surrounded by 65 of our Betula utilis Jacquemontii (Himalayan Birch).


Bloom 2016

A selection of our Trees in the Nursery

Please feel free to contact us at any stage to discuss your requirements. We are happy to have the opportunity to showcase our stock and welcome visits to the nursery by appointment.