As the storms  passed through the nursery preparations for the season ahead continued inside our humidity controlled storage unit. Trees were having their crown and roots pruned in readiness for spring planting.


The root pruning reduces the larger tap roots and encourages the development of a fibrous root system which will help the successful establishment of the tree when it is transplanted to its final home in the future. Pruning and reducing the crown lessens the stress on the tree when it is planted on our nursery, but more importantly it allows us to control the shape of the head of the tree to develop a crown that is well formed and suitable for Irish conditions.


Once all the pruning is done the trees are stored in our humidity controlled shed until it is time for planting in April. The trees are prepped for planting (we use Symbio Bacterial Simulator on the roots) and loaded onto our planting trailers before being carefully transplanted into the freshly cultivated fields. In the following weeks the young trees will be straightened, caned and tied to a support wire and will have their new leaders created, the first of many a formative pruning. Over the next 2 years they are carefully nurtured and until they are ready for sale.