The fruits of our labour! As the video clip shows the key to the successful transplant and future establishment of a tree in the landscape is the development of a fibrous root system. This will allow the tree to absorb water and minerals over a large surface area closer to the surface of the soil. That is why at all stages of tree production in the nursery we pay particular attention to enhancing the development of this fibrous root system. All of this work starts before we plant the tree. As you can see from our previous post, before planting the crown of every tree is pruned in our storage shed, but just as importantly, the roots of all the trees are pruned as well , removing the larger courser roots. This cultures a fibrous root structure that makes for great transplanting. In the following years we keep pruning the head of the tree, which also helps control the size of the root structure. When lifting trees for sale, we lift every second tree, which helps keep the remaining trees roots in a compact shape. After 5-7 years we transplant the trees that are left into wider spacing for the next 5-7 years. Again this process acts as a root pruning and sets the tree up when it is planted into its final location. We grow our trees for Irish conditions.