This is the kind of project you love being involved with – a magnificent 12 mtr high 65/70cm girth Quercus cerris (Turkey Oak) leaving the nursery to be planted in its new home at the Cuan Mhuire Treatment Centre in Bruree, Co Limerick.

This tree has been growing in the nursery for 28 years and during that time it has been transplanted 6 times. This continuous transplanting will have enhanced the development of a fibrous root system within the final rootball which is key to the survival and establishment of the tree when it is planted in its new home. Quercus cerris is a fast growing and long lived species which has great autumn colour. The leaves turn to yellow before leaf drop which doesn’t happen until deep into the winter. It is an ideal specimen or parkland tree and will be very happy in its new location.

The planting works were carried out by Peter O’Brien & Sons Landscaping Ltd who did a fantastic job as always.

Mature Tree Planting