Transplanting trees is a key operation in the continued development of our stock here at the nursery.  Even though our main focus at this time of year is lifting and dispatching trees, this ongoing care and maintenance of our trees within the nursery still goes on.

Here we are transplanting trees, in this case semi mature Aesculus hippocastanum, following structural pruning. We incorporate Enrich Progrow soil mix, Mycorrhizal fungi and Osmocote Pro slow release fertilizer into the planting pit for maximum growth and development. At all stages of production we pay particular attention to enhancing the development of a fibrous root system. This is key to the survival and establishment of the tree when it is planted in its new home. Putting an emphasis on operations such as transplanting trees/undercutting, caning, tying, use of tree shelters, detailed head branch pruning and training of leaders all contribute to ensure a healthy tree. This will ensure a vigorous well balanced crown with a dominant leader and attractive form. We grow our trees for Irish conditions.