The field grown tree lifting season is in full swing with deliveries leaving the yard everyday

Our field grown trees are supplied either bare root or root-balled from mid October to April dependent on variety and size. Trees of 10cm and above can be supplied with a wire root ball. This ensures the soil remains in intimate contact with the roots throughout the lifting, transporting and planting operations. The ball of soil enclosing the roots is secured by the use of hessian wrap and an un-galvanised wire net which will bio-degrade with two seasons.

Grown on our fertile soil excellent fibrous root systems are naturally produced resulting in strong healthy trees ready for all site conditions. Our root-balled trees will have been undercut (root pruned) or transplanted several times to further encourage these fibrous root systems. Root-ball trees often establish better than container grown trees as they have been grown in soil in the open ground rather than commercial potting compost.

Lifting and dispatch is carried out strictly to order from November to April and delivered with a minimum of delay ensuring the trees arrive to you in optimum condition.

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Bare root trees are supplied with their roots protected by a co-extruded bag which plays a vital role in aiding successful establishment by preventing their roots from drying out.